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A Message From The President

Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world. One of the primary reasons for this well deserved title is the dedication, commitment, professionalism and skills of our frontline emergency personnel. Canadian citizens are truly fortunate to have such a group of Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Border Services and Correction Officers ensuring their safety. We all know too well that this “world’s greatest country” title does not come without costs. We have lost too many friends and heroes and the stress inherent with the job can take its toll.

A boxer and Emergency Services Worker have much in common: to succeed they must be brilliant in the basics; they must persevere, be courageous, be brave and be honourable. Emergency Service Workers are the Champions of Canada and a boxer who steps into the ring and does their best is also known as “Champion”.

C.E.S.B.A. was formed to help Emergency Service Personnel meet and overcome the many physical and mental challenges they are faced with. This is achieved by developing a network of emergency workers who want to participate in and support boxing. Boxing training is one of the most effective ways to deal with both physical and mental stress.

A vital element to maintaining the “world’s greatest country” title is through the promotion of goodwill, comraderie and friendship among ourselves and supporters. CESBA is committed to providing the network, support and tools to bring the Emergency Services World together for a great time through boxing.

I can personally attest that there is nothing better than supporting one of your own as they step into the ring of honour to do their best.

So……If you want to box, train as a boxer, attend some of our training camps, events and social functions or just support and be a spectator…… CESBA will help.

I look forward to seeing you in the gym, at the fights and at the post-event celebrations.

Stay sharp and stay safe.

Barry Dolan


CESBA is committed to improvement, serving its members and forming new partnerships. Please forward any comments or suggestions to