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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is C.E.S.B.A. affiliated to the World Police and Fire Games?

No. Although we are not part of the committee, our members qualify to participate in their events, and we strongly support the WPFG and it’s mission.

Click here to view the WPFG's eligibility.

2. Why should I get involved in boxing?

Coaches, Sports scientists and medical experts throughout the world agree that boxing is one of the best forms of exercise. The type of training in boxing conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular system. Boxing training also promotes confidence and well-being by strengthening your self discipline.

3. Are Emergency Service Workers from other countries allowed to join and participate in CESBA related events?

Yes. Regardless of where you travel or live, a cop is a cop and a firefighter is a firefighter and all emergency service personnel face similar challenges. Emergency Service Workers are part of a world wide family and fraternity that is charged with the most honorable and noble of tasks…..protecting their citizens and country.

4. How do I find a boxing club in my area?

There are clubs throughout Canada and the world. In Canada, the Provincial Boxing Associations do an excellent job in supporting and promoting amateur boxing. They also serve as excellent guide to clubs in your area. A list of clubs throughout the country that wish to support CESBA and it’s members is being developed. Keep an eye on our site!

5. How are the Police Officer Boxers selected to participate in the “Punch Up At Parliament”?

The amount of bouts and who is selected to box is dependent on the number of officers registering with CESBA. Once registered, and if you want to compete in the “Punch Up At Parliament”, CESBA will be working closely with your coaches, clubs and a selection committee to set the matches.

The best matches are those where boxers are equally matched and we are seeking to have Officers from all corners of Canada “The Great” involved.

6. Is there any financial support, in relation to travel expenses, for Police Boxers participating in the Punch Up At Parliament?

CESBA, the C.P.A. and all supporting Associations understand the personal commitment required of an officer to participate in this event. There are numerous corporate sponsors and associations that are supporting this event and one of our priorities is to support the participating boxers financially for the expenses incurred traveling to Ottawa.

7. Is boxing an expensive sport?

Boxing is an extremely affordable sport. All you need is a set of hand wraps, mouth guard and heavy bag gloves to get started. These items can be obtained at most boxing clubs and major sports stores. Club fees vary and most are negotiable. The fee for registering with most Provincial Associations is $50.00. There are many benefits to this registration.