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Upcoming Events

Punch Up at Parliament - Saturday September 27th, 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario
Charity: Police Memorial Fund

The last Sunday in September of every year is one of the most important date on the calendar. This is the day that Police and Peace Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while ensuring the safety of our Communities and Country are honoured and remembered.

Tragically, too many of our Police and Peace Officers have paid the ultimate sacrifice and left behind their loved ones. To support and alleviate the stress and loss experienced by the families and loved ones of our fallen heroes, a fund was established by the Canadian Police Association. The CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund was formed to ensure a one-time financial payment to the families and loved ones of officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

At the next Memorial Weekend, on Saturday September 27th, 2008, the "Punch Up at Parliament" will be held at Landsdowne Park, Ottawa. This event will feature Police and Peace Officers from across Canada meeting in the "Ring of Honour" to box each other under Canadian/Provincial Amateur Boxing rules and sactioning. Female and male Officers of all levels of boxing experience are eligible and fights will be equally matched. Proceeds raised from these event will cover expenses and a donation to the Memorial Fund.

To be eligible to box in this event you must:

  • Register with C.E.S.B.A Ė Join Us.CESBA will be working closely with the CPPA, itís supporters and Provincial Boxing Associations. It will liaise, support and provide assistance with boxers, coaches and clubs.
  • Register with their Provincial Boxing Association. This is accomplished by joining a certified boxing club in their area.
  • Officers will then be required a medical examination and certificate stating they are fit and healthy for boxing. This can be done by their personal physician.
  • Officers will then receive a "competitor's passport" that will allow them to participate in sanctioned events.

C.E.S.B.A will be working closely with the CPA, the Ottawa Police Association and other supporting agencies, groups and citizens to ensure the success of this event.

Special Note: the number of boxing matches for this event is dependent on participation of interested officers. Updated information regarding this and other events will be posted regularly on this site.

Ring of Honour - Boxing Series

CESBA is planning a series of boxing events involving our members across Canada and Internationally. The Ring Of Honour boxing series will involve members from CESBA meeting each other in the ring to help raise funds for select charities.

CESBA will be working closely with all of itís members to assist in their development and training as boxers. For those members that want to compete, the Ring of Honour series will provide an excellent opportunity to improve their skills and help in raising funds for a charity related to the Emergency Services World.

The location and dates of the Ring Of Honour series is to be announced. Keep an eye on the site for updates.